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Why is Yearly Maintenance Important?
By maintaining the beauty of your home on a yearly basis, you prevent damage to the substrates of your home that are very important. by keeping them clean you allow the oppurtunity to maintain your home.
Dont Let mold grow
Dont let mold grow on your home. It can be damaging
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Yearly Maintenance Program

Enjoy yearly exterior cleaning in Bradenton.

Cleaning the outdoor surfaces of your home isn’t something you want to devote a lot of time or thought to. Here at JD Cleaning & Painting, we take the burden off your shoulders. Rather than doing a little bit of cleaning every weekend, we get it all done in one day. 

Our yearly maintenance program means you don’t even need to remember to schedule. We set the reminders and contact you when you are due for your next cleaning, then schedule service based on which day is best for you. We make maintaining your home easy as can be.

Our Yearly Maintenance Package

Our Yearly maintenance packages are customized based on your needs and goals. We never force you to pay for extras you don’t want. During your consultation, we will help you determine which services you need and then base our quote on them. Services you might be interested in include:

Pressure washing

House washing

Roof cleaning

Surface cleaning

When needed, we can also paint, stain, and seal your exterior surfaces as well.

How Our Yearly Maintenance Program Benefits You

Set It and Forget It

Our team does the thinking for you. Once you set up your first cleaning, we will contact you once a year to schedule the next date—no need to remember to contact us.

Maximized Curb Appeal

Whether you are looking to boost your home value or just want your home to look its best, our yearly maintenance program will help your outdoor spaces shine.

Fewer Repairs

Our yearly maintenance program is a way you spend money to save money. Eliminating everything from bird droppings to mold from your exteriors prevents erosion and decay, reducing the needed repairs.

Improved Health and Safety

Mold and algae are health and safety hazards. They damage your lungs and create slick surfaces that risk injury. By removing them on a yearly basis, you make your home a healthier place to be.

Yearly Exterior Maintenance FAQs

What is the right frequency for cleaning will depend on the needs of your property and your goals. Here in Bradenton, exterior cleaning should be done at least once a year because of the humidity in the area. It is possible that you would benefit from twice a year service, and if so, we will schedule two visits a year.

No, there is no yearly fee to be part of this maintenance program. You pay per service; we just ensure you have your cleaning scheduled once per year.

No. When something is said to be zero maintenance, usually this means you don’t need to paint or seal it to keep it healthy. Cleaning is still a must. 

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