Bradenton Waterproofing

Waterproof your Bradenton home.

Waterproofing isn’t a foreign concept. However, waterproofing your home might be.

To properly waterproof a home, you divide the process into two steps: eliminating the moisture source and sealing the home. Here at JD Cleaning & Painting, we focus on repairing entry points to prevent water from getting into your Bradenton home.

The Risks of Not Waterproofing

In Bradenton, we enjoy many benefits thanks to our location. However, one major downside is the humidity and generally high moisture content. Without waterproofing, your home is at risk of significant damage. Keep in mind this isn’t just aesthetic; water damage can destroy your foundation, compromise your health, and make your home unlivable. 

Below are common complications experienced when homes aren’t waterproofed:

Waterproofing Bradenton Florida

Cracked and sagging foundation

Waterproofing Bradenton Florida


Waterproofing Bradenton Florida


Stucco Repairs Bradenton Florida

Cracked or bulging walls

Waterproofing Bradenton Florida

Peeling paint

Waterproofing Bradenton Florida

Uneven floors

Waterproofing Bradenton Florida

Foul odors

Waterproofing Bradenton Florida


Waterproofing Bradenton Florida

Wood rot

Waterproofing Bradenton Florida

Pest infestations

Which Parts of the Home Should Be Waterproof?

Most surfaces on the exterior of your home can be safely pressure washed so long as the proper setting is used. At JD Cleaning & Painting, we understand the needs of different materials and adjust our machines accordingly. Some of the surfaces we can clean for you include:


Out of all parts of your home, the one most likely to experience water damage is your basement. This is because it is encased in dirt, which holds moisture. Any cracks in your basement walls or floor will allow moisture to work its way into your home and cause problems.

Crawl Spaces

Most homeowners give little to no thought to their crawl spaces. However, these are excellent spots for trapping moisture. Should this accumulate, it can cause problems for your home. Waterproofing crawl spaces helps to keep moisture in the space down and prevent it from entering the home.


If your foundation is not properly waterproofed, it will crack and crumble. When this deterioration progresses, it can reach the point that your house is condemned. Any cracks in the foundation should be repaired and the slab waterproofed.

Waterproofing FAQs

Basements can leak for many reasons. One of the biggest culprits is cracking in the walls or floor. These allow outside water to seep into the basement. By the time you notice leaking, there is a strong chance water has already damaged the exterior portions of your basement.

Waterproofing is standard in Bradenton, so it is better to look at it this way—not waterproofing decreases the value of your home. Additionally, any damage that results from not waterproofing will further reduce your profits should you choose to sell.

This will depend on how large the house is, how many areas need waterproofing, and what damage must be repaired first. We will be able to offer you an accurate quote after we assess your home. 

Waterproofing Bradenton Florida