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Whats new in Painting?

2023 Highlights so far

So far in 2023, New products have been seen making a splash in the painting world. Several companies have hit all time highs in marketing and visbililty as they reach new horizons. Many of these products you will see on YouTube channells such as the Idaho Painter . However, these guys you see on Social Media are sent products every day to sit back, try them out, then say oh yeah they are great. They dont use them every day, they throw them in the back of the shop, they collect dust, and they are never used again. So what products are real painters using every day?

Pretty Boy Products

First, this has got to be the best thing to the painting world since Brushes were invented. Since the beginning of painters using brushes and rollers to apply paint to walls and ceilings, etc. They have always had their favorite brushers. If a painter tells you he doesnt have his favorite brush, hes either lying to hide it from you or he is not a real painter. Sadly from time to time, you loose a brush to dried out paint. Pretty Boy Products. Has come out this year with a paint cleaning agent for your bruses and rollers that you apply to your brush, and clean out. Simple as that!

Theres a new coating Coming in 2023

Theres a secret in the painting world that a new company is coming to the scene in 2023. They are supposedly going to be offering a 25 Year Coating that has Ceramic type technology that will help waterproof walls. We will see if this hits the market this year but the hype is happening. I guess we will find out.

Old Faithfuls

In the last few years we have seen so many products hit the market. Purdy comes out with a bucket with a magnet to hold your brush. The 18 Inch Roller. The Low Pressure Spray tips. These products we as painters still use Every DAY. I wont be giving those up any time still. You cant forget about the Pivot Tool. What a game changer, and safer way to hold your ladders. These old faithfuls will be used for time eternity until the painters of the world take over. Untill then our winner for the 2023 Product of the year has to be the Pretty Boy Products. Keep up the good work my friends. Now im going to go wash out my brushes. Till next time.

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