Bradenton Roof Painting

Revive your roof with our Bradenton roof painting.

Here in Bradenton, the sun shines bright all year long. While that is one of the things we love about our location, it does pose problems when it comes to UV damage. In fact, it is a top culprit behind roof fading and discoloration.

JD Cleaning & Painting offers Bradenton expert roof painting designed to restore beauty to your home while also extending the life of your roof.

Key Facts About Roof Painting

Painting our walls, and even our siding, sounds perfectly normal. It’s the standard. Roof painting, however, isn’t so common.

Most people assume that roof painting is only for certain types of materials: clay tiles or flat roofs. The truth is that even if you have asphalt shingles, your roof can be painted. 

The paint used must be tailored to the type of roofing material you have—not just any paint will do. For example, the right paint for asphalt shingles will allow them to still breathe, while that same paint applied to tile won’t stick properly. 

Keep in mind that roof painting isn’t always the ideal solution. If discoloration is related to mold or moss rather than UV fading alone, other treatments will be needed in addition to painting.

Top Benefits of Roof Painting

Most surfaces on the exterior of your home can be safely pressure washed so long as the proper setting is used. At JD Cleaning & Painting, we understand the needs of different materials and adjust our machines accordingly. Some of the surfaces we can clean for you include:

Reduced Energy Bills

When your roof is painted, it adds another layer of insulation to your home. The right paint can even deflect UV energy. This lets you spend more time with the AC off.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

If your faded roof is detracting from the overall look of your home, painting it will bring it back to life. You'll be amazed at what a difference it makes.

Increased Home Value

When your home looks better, it is appraised higher. Faded roofs look bad and can even be misinterpreted as damage. A painted roof looks good and healthy.

Roof Painting FAQs

This varies from home to home. The biggest factors in determining how long roof painting will take are the size of your roof and how much preparation is needed. Roof painting typically takes anywhere from one to three days.

Yes, we also offer exterior house painting. Please let us know if you would like both services when we draw up your quote.

We urge you not to. With the wrong paint or poor technique, you risk harming your roof. This can result in costly repairs that will hit your bank account much harder than professional roof painting. 

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