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There’s a significant amount of Brandenton homeowners who choose to protect their house’s exterior with stucco, and this is great! Stucco provides many benefits to a home. To ensure your stucco is in top shape, be sure you can rely on professional stucco contractors, like the ones at JD Cleaning + Painting. Here, we’re ready to help you out protect your home.

Stucco, A Reliable Material

Stucco is a mixture of portland cement, white lime, and sand. It’s applied over masonry surfaces like brick or block as an exterior finish coat for protection against weathering. And, it’s great for this! This combination of cement and lime acts as a durable weather-resistant barrier.

Stucco’s extremely popular in Florida due to how it stands up against hurricanes and high-velocity winds. It’s also waterproof and fireproof. Furthermore, stucco is less expensive than other exterior materials, so it can easily be maintained and repaired as needed.

Stucco Benefits

Stucco also provides many benefits:

  • Serve as insulation
  • Provide soundproofing properties
  • Add aesthetic value and curb appeal
  • Eventually wear down


Still, stucco is prone to show some wear over time, suffering from cracks and other types of damage. This has to be repaired as soon as possible. 

How To Repair Stucco

Over time, stucco can show signs of wear and tear like cracks, discoloration, and holes. This is because the materials used in its construction expand and contract over time with changes in humidity levels, leading to problems that need to be addressed quickly. If not, the cracks in your stucco will continue to grow.

Don’t wait until you have extensive damage! The longer you wait to repair or replace parts of your stucco, the more damage it can cause and the farther behind you’ll get on repairs.

Call On Professionals

Stucco is the best repair by stucco contractors. Professionals like our JD Cleaning + Painting team offer excellent stucco repair services. We know what is needed to help protect your home from moisture damage, and we’ll make sure that we repair any damages.

As a result, homeowners can feel safe knowing they have a contractor who can repair stucco properly. We’re ready to help you out protect your home.


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