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Yes it is dangerous.. For you to clean your roof!

Hi, Im Devin. I have been doing Roof Cleaning for over 15 years. When I first started cleaning roofs it seemed very dangerous. The heights, the risks, the falling. It all seemed dangerous to me. To this day, it sometimes still can be quite frightening. However, for you. Its even more dangerous. As a homeowner, and someone who has probably never cleaned roofs before. It is very tempting to want to try to clean your roof without hiring a proffesional. I can tell you right now… Thats a bad idea! Let me tell you why!

The Cost of Cleaning roofs

As a homeowner, most likely here in the sunshine state of Florida. Its very tempting to want to go out and buy a pressure washer, 150 feet of pressure hose, a wand, a green tip and to start going to town on your roof. There are serveral reasons why however, you do not want to do that. Let me help!

  1. The dangers- As a homeowner when you climb up on your either tile, metal, or I pray you didnt Shingle roof. You start pressure washing your roof. It can cause major damage. First of all, on a Shingle roof. High pressure is the worst thing that can happen to a shingle roof. If you get too close ou can acctually rip shingles, you take off the granules that hold it together, and you can cause major damage and thousands of dollars in repairs, you dont want to do that. On a tile roof, from the manufacture all tiles come with a protective glaze, as soon as you pressure that with high pressure you can remove that glaze, and cause permanent damage to the look of your tile roof. Bad Idea! On a metal roof, it will be hard to cause damage, but you will leave streaks like nothing you have ever seen. By then, its too late, the whole roof has to be coated.
  2. It can be dangerous- Once water hits underneath your sneakers or boots (If you are a DIY PRO) you could slip and fall and hurt yourself or someone else, at that point your medical bills would have paid for a proffesional like me to come clean your roof 100 times! Do not risk that damage! Sadly about 5-10 times a year I get a call from returning customers who thought they could clean their roof, but hurt themselves instead, and hired me back to fix the mistake. I feel so bad for the homeowners who haved to learn this lesson the hard way. So dont do it!. So that leaves us with one more question.

Is there a safe way to clean the roof?

Yes! Yes there is! In fact, its called a soft wash. Soft wash roof cleaning is a method of cleaning roofs that uses low-pressure water and specialized cleaning solutions to remove dirt, algae, moss, lichen, and other contaminants from the roof surface. This process typically involves applying the cleaning solution to the roof surface and allowing it to dwell for a certain period of time to break down the contaminants, followed by a gentle rinse with low-pressure water to wash away the residue. Also yes, we do this! This is our preffered, and only way of cleaning. If you call us and ask us to bring a High pressure washer surface cleaner on your roof. I am sending you this link! It is is so bad for your roof.

To Conclude, it can be dangerous to clean your roof. However, it can also be very safe! If you hire the righr proffesionals to clean your roof. You can save time, money, and risk when it comes to dangering either yourself, or your precious roof. So Call today or visit www.jdcleanandpaint.com to learn more about an affordable way to clean your roof without causing damage. JD Cleaning & Painting the Gold Standard of Home Care!

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