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How Exterior Paint Affects Your House’s Temperature

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Did you know that the color of the exterior painting of your home can affect its temperature? I bet this is a new thing you’re learning today, but it’s true, paint is not only used to make your house look pretty. Different colors of paint do affect a house’s temperature. Crazy, isn’t it?

Read more to learn how much your house’s paint color affects its temperature and which colors can work best for you depending on your preferences.

How Does Paint Color Affect Your House Temperature?

The outside of your home is in charge of reflecting or absorbing heat, which determines if the inside will be cooler or hotter. This is why smartly choosing the color of your roof can help you have a better temperature in your house.

Even though the color of your home has a great impact on your house’s temperature, several factors affect this, such as the following:

  • Is the color of your house lighter or darker? Depending on the answer, you can have different results
  • How many windows do you have? What size do they have? Are they of good quality?
  • How much sunlight enters your house?
  • Do you have indoor cooling and heating solutions?
  • What materials is your house made of?
  • What’s the color of your roof?

So yes, the color of your house’s roof can affect the temperature, but you also have to consider several factors. However, changing your roof color is a great way to begin with. If you want to make your house warmer or cooler, you need to know which color will work the best for you.

What Color Should I Choose?

When considering the color you’ll be choosing for your house’s roof, you have to think, what temperature do you want in your house? Do you want it to be warm or cool? And, what color will best fit your house?

In the following list, we’ll provide you with the best color, depending on your needs, to paint your roof.

Colors For A Warmer Home

  • Black: This color will give your house a sophisticated look and will make it stand out. But also, it will heat your home, making it warmer. This can be great if you live in a cooler area.
  • Dark gray: Choosing a dark gray color is a viable option if you want your house to absorb more heat, creating a warmer temperature in your home.
  • Navy blue: Choosing this color will not only create a dramatic look in your house, but it will help to keep the heat in your house.

Colors For A Cooler Home

  • White: If you want to keep your house cool, white is a great and popular choice. It successfully reflects light which keeps the heat away.
  • Light gray: A light gray, similar to white, will reflect the light from the sun, making your house have a cooler temperature.
  • Beige: This color is very versatile, and in lighter variations, it will give a warm color to your house but keep it cool on the inside.

Paint Your Roof With Professionals

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