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Have you noticed that your house has lost its color, and you are starting to feel frustrated? A solution to improve your house looks and bring it back to life is an Exterior House Painting service. JD Cleaning & Painting offers multiple services for residential and commercial exteriors to clean, paint or even repair walls, roofs, and decks.

Florida’s humid weather is one of the reasons why your house paint is experiencing discoloration. Water does not only damage the appearance of the house, but it can destroy its foundation, compromise your health, and it makes your home unlivable. Nonetheless, JD Cleaning and Painting offers to waterproof all the necessary surfaces of your exteriors.

The Power of a Fresh Coat Paint

A new painting remodels the look of your properties. However, most importantly, durable paint and sealants protect it from paint peels, cracks, bubbles, UV rays, and even water! Of course, a professional and adequate process to paint is necessary to ensure those benefits.

Before starting to paint, JD Cleaning and Painting first visit your property to clean the walls to remove dirt, mold, and other debris. Also, we fill the holes or cracks in your walls to get a flat surface necessary for an outstanding result. Finally, plants, trees, and other surfaces will be covered to avoid spilling them with paint.

Signs That You Need Painting Services For Your Properties

People tend to realize they need a painting until they see major damages that could have been avoided with time to time painting. The weather is mainly humid subtropical in Florida, with a defined rainy season from May through October. A quality layer or protection guarantees that climate variations do not destroy the painting.

JD Cleaning and Painting understands the needs of the materials, which can be wood, composite, vinyl, aluminum, or stucco, and work with the appropriate equipment. You must repaint if there is visible damage, the paint is fading, your want to add value to your property, or if you only want a makeover. It is recommendable to have continuous maintenance on your exteriors.

Keep Your Property in Top Shape with JD Cleaning and Painting!

Are you ready to give your property a makeover? Cause we are ready to offer you the best and free quote along with customized customer service! We will be there to explain which material is better for your needs, to provide you with multiple color options, and with the highest-quality products in Brandenton.

When we schedule our service, we will start with our process. We will delay accordingly to your property sizes. How much preparation and detail are required. At the end of the process, we clean and order your spaces for you to get the best impression of your renewed property!


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