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Pressure Washing Service

Do you want to restore the vividness of your house exteriors, such as your siding, deck, or driveway? Pressure washing makes your spaces shiner, brightly colored, and sparkling, giving value to the structures due to their renewer appearance.

JD Cleaning & Painting offers the best pressure washing services, and in one single visit, you can get that new look. We recommend a pressure washing once per year; however, when you find yourself uncomfortable with the look of your exterior surfaces, it’s time for pressure washing!

Pressure Washing is a Professional Needed Service!

Pressure washing may appear to be as easy as house out exteriors, but is not that simple. A professional company of cleanings must be in charge of this type of washing. There are five important factors to consider and understand why you cannot do the process by yourself.

  • Equipment: First, you may need a pressure washer; those are expensive and tricky for settings; it is not worth buying it only for using it once or twice a year. You will also need proper protection for your ears, eyes, and hands, such as gloves and glasses.
  • Cleaners and Chemicals: Those are needed to completely get an outstanding result removing grime, mold, and mildew; however, they can irritate the skin and eyes if you do not use them appropriately.
  • The Spots: You may need to manage and set the washer appropriately. Keeping your balance and the heavy washer to get into your exteriors; is difficult without having previous knowledge and training.
  • High Areas: Leaders are not an option; the washer’s pressure can make you fall, leading to injuries and fatalities. You must instead use scaffolding to get into higher areas.
  • Consider the Surroundings: Put away from the workplace toys, lawn furniture, or vehicles. Also, it is essential to close or cover outdoor outlets. 

Get A Professional Pressure Washing Service With JD Cleaning And Painting

Do not worry about all those complicated processes and materials you may need; we do all the work for you! We provide exceptional service for exteriors such as sidings, gutters, driveways, decks, patios, pergolas, sidewalks, or fences. We understand its different needs, and we adjust our machines accordingly. Keep your house renewed with our help!


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