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It is 2022, and exterior painters are very enthusiastic about the color trends. What will be the top colors for home exteriors? If you haven’t chosen your color, now is the time to find out what is hot this year.

Orange Tones: The orange tones started last, but they were still popular in 2020. This trend is continuing this year with some slight changes. The deep orange tones will replace the lighter ones, and primary colors will also be popular.

Blue Tones: Blue is another versatile exterior paint that works great on many house styles. It’s clean and offers a nice contrast with many colors. The blue tones will continue to be more popular this year.

Greenery: Green has always been a color theme for outdoor spaces since it is so easy on the eyes. This trend continues this year, with greener greens being popular and deeper green tones.

Darker Colors: You may have noticed that darker exterior paint colors are becoming very popular again! They are also continuing to become more popular each of the last few years, which you can see from our previous blog, ” Top Exterior House Paint Colors. ” Darker exterior paint colors are great because they help your house stand out against all the other houses in the neighborhood and make it look like it’s truly yours.

Warm Neutrals: The color trends haven’t finished, so neutrals are still hot this year, but they will shift to warmer tones—warm off-whites and even soft yellows.

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For These Or Any Color

The color trends discussed here should help you decide your exterior house paint colors. But remember, any color you choose must be the one you like the most. It’s never too early to select the perfect color theme because there are many years ahead to enjoy this color scheme.

When looking for professional exterior painting services in Bradenton, FL, we got something perfect for you. JD Cleaning + Painting offers great residential exterior painting. Bradenton FL residents can expect professional results with attention to detail. We understand how important preserving your exterior looks so that it continues to look great for many years down the road.

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