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Roof cleaning is a routinely necessary thing. Therefore many people feel it’s best to DIY this as a weekend project instead. But there are many reasons why you shouldn’t be doing this. Avoid harming yourself and your roof by contracting a professional roof cleaner.


1. Roof Safety

It’s not the most comfortable thing to be on a roof. The ladder or lift you’re using is unstable, and it does seem pretty dangerous. If you fall, you may injure yourself very badly and damage your home as well as your property. Avoid this scenario by hiring a professional company with insurance to deal with this job for you.

2. Expertise is Key

A clean-looking roof doesn’t mean it’s clean enough at its core. For example, if some algae stains need removing but are invisible to the naked eye- only an expert would know about them and remove them properly through scrubbing and bleaching with safe chemicals that don’t harm the roof material underneath.

Professional cleaners don’t use pressure machines to ensure the roof tiles are not damaged. So, you can see how it may be risky for your home to go without professional care here.

Also, if the rest of the exterior is dirty or there are stains on other parts of the house, hiring a company is best as this allows them to visit all at once and focus on the relevant surfaces.


3. DIY Requires Time & Money

It seems more efficient and cost-effective for many people to clean their roofs instead of having professionals do it. But this takes up so much time and requires lots of money upfront that it’s just not worth it in most cases. If you throw down some cleaning supplies and chemicals and then use a pressure washer, you’re likely going to damage the roof tiles, costing you much more to replace them.

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4. Licenses & Insurance Make a Difference

You should be careful about who you allow on your property to work on things like this. Contact an insured and licensed contractor, so it’s safe to work with them. If you hire a friend or family member to do it, they may not have liability insurance which means you stand to lose out financially if something happens during the process.

Also, their expertise may not be as high as a professional’s, meaning they don’t know how best to clean the roof material safely and effectively. They could also cause damage without realizing it, leaving you stuck with renovating costs.


Save Time And Money!

If you’re interested in giving your roof the best roof cleaning job in Bradenton, FL, contact JD Cleaning & Painting. We offer the best professional roof cleaning services in town, so you can save up time and money while also getting the best results.

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