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Stucco is an incredibly versatile material that can apply to many different surfaces and homes. Stucco is easy to install and repair, providing an accessible protection for Florida homes against the elements. If you’re interested in using stucco for your Lakewood Ranch, FL home, there are four main benefits:

1. Stucco Is Durable And Long-Lasting

Florida’s harsh weather conditions make it very important for all structures to be built with durable materials. Stucco is known as one of the most durable exterior building products on the market due to its excellent ability to stand up against fluctuating weather, such as extremely high heat and extreme cold temperatures. 

The durability also helps protect your home from other outside pollutants like rain and wind damage. 


2. Stucco Provides Insulation Against The Heat And Cold

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One of the most common concerns Florida residents have is how to best deal with fluctuating temperatures while still maintaining a comfortable living environment. Stucco helps you achieve that goal by providing your home with insulation against hot and cold weather conditions. 

This protection will help reduce the energy loss in the interior of your home, which, over time, will result in cost savings for you.

3. Prevents Damage From Insects And Moisture Growth Caused By High Humidity

Florida’s intense humidity can cause unforeseeable damage to exterior structures. This may drive moisture growth, which can lead to mold growth. Stucco is good protection against this. Moisture cannot permeate through stucco because it’s too dense and strong. Once stucco covers your walls, no water will be able to enter inside your structure.

4. Stucco Is A Faster Installation Than Many Other Exterior Materials

When you want new siding or an updated look for your home exterior, you may also enjoy all the benefits that come with a quick installation. Stucco is one of the fastest installation materials available because it’s easy to work with. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles before you install. 


Stucco Contractors In Lakewood Ranch, FL

If you’re looking for stucco contractors that offer services such as installation, stucco repair, and a variety of stucco colors, go to JD Cleaning & Painting. We can help you find the proper stucco application and style for your home. At JD Cleaning & Painting, we have the experience to offer you a fast professional service.

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