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How Outdoor Materials Affect Exterior Painting

We all know that houses are made of different materials, but did you know that this can affect the paint?

Some materials react differently depending on the paint applied to them, and cause lots of problems, like peeling or even molding. That’s why it’s important to know what type of paint is right for your home.

At JD Cleaning & Painting, we’re expert painters who provide detailed house painting solutions for Lakewood Ranch, FL homeowners. In addition to painting your home’s exterior beautifully, we have the knowledge to paint any outdoor material that your house might be made of using the right type of paint.

The Right Paint For Your Home

Do you want your house painting in Lakewood Ranch, FL, to last? The material the exterior of your house is made of plays a large role in how long your paint will last. There are various challenges regarding exterior painting depending on what outdoor material your house is made of.

Because of this, we made a list of different outdoor materials houses are made up of and the type of paint we use for each:

  • Wood: Wood absorbs moisture. This can cause many types of paint to peel off a surface over time. Oil-based paint provides the best protection and longest-lasting results when painting outside wood. Acrylic paints will also be less likely to crack and peel than latex paint.
  • Composite: The greatest paint for composite decking is high-quality latex paint. To achieve a gleaming and glossy appearance, you might opt for a semi-gloss or satin finish paint.
  • Vinyl: When painting siding, use 100% acrylic paint. Acrylic paint has the best adhesion of any paint, allowing it to adhere more easily and last longer. If your color is darker than your old vinyl color, no priming is required.
  • Aluminum: Acrylic latex paint is the greatest option for painting aluminum siding. For a better finish, avoid anything glossy that draws attention to dents or flaws. Choose a paint with a satin or flat finish similar to the current color of your siding.
  • Stucco: For stucco, the best exterior paint is 100% acrylic paint. Acrylic latex paint is also both resilient and flexible, allowing for optimum stucco surface permeability and breathability.

Paint Your House Exterior With Professionals

It’s tempting to consider painting your house yourself, but the reality is that it can go wrong in many ways. If you want the best results for your house painting in Lakewood Ranch, FL, consider hiring professionals like us, JD Cleaning & Painting. Depending on its outside material, our experts can help you determine what type of paint will be best for your house.


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