Bradenton Deck Staining

Enhance your investment with our Bradenton deck staining.

In Bradenton, decks are an essential part of the home. We love spending time outdoors, grilling and relaxing, and the deck is the ideal place for both. 

This means you want yours to look its best and last as long as possible. JD Cleaning & Painting offers deck staining for Bradenton homes, enhancing the appearance of your outdoor space.

Our Deck Staining Process

When planning our Bradenton deck staining service, we tailor our steps to your needs. No two decks are exactly the same, and we also factor in your design goals as we make our decisions. A typical deck staining service will include the following items:

Deck Staining Bradenton Florida

Scraping off loose paint

Deck Staining Bradenton Florida

Removing debris, such as gravel

Deck Staining Bradenton Florida

Power washing the entire surface of the deck

Deck Staining Bradenton Florida

Sanding any irregular areas

Deck Staining Bradenton Florida

Applying the stain

In addition to our staining service, we can also apply deck sealants for maximum protection.

Reasons to Stain Your Deck

If your Bradenton deck is new and has never been stained, you want to get this done as soon as possible. However, if your deck has already been stained, this doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Restaining is a necessary part of deck upkeep and should be done every two to three years. 

While the most obvious benefit of restaining your deck is keeping it looking its best, there are other benefits to this service, including:

Protection against weather damage

Increased property value

Extending the lifespan of the deck

Protection against water damage

Eliminating safety hazards

Ensuring your deck gets a close-up inspection

Deck Staining FAQs

Staining is by far the better option for decks. In most cases where people assume a deck has been painted, what they are actually seeing is an opaque stain. These are so solid that to the untrained eye, they are identical to paint. Staining is best because these products adhere better to most decking materials. 

Solid stains contain more pigment and are thick enough to fill small gaps and cracks in the deck. They also provide significant UV protection. Transparent stain allows more natural wood grain to show through and lets UV rays reach the wood. 

We suggest you keep the wood bare for about two months before staining if this is important to you. However, the products we use don’t require weathering prior to application. 

Deck Staining Bradenton Florida