Bradenton Deck Coatings

Protect your investment with our Bradenton deck coatings.

Deck coatings are essential to extending the life of your outdoor space. They help seal in pigment, guard against UV damage, and prevent moisture from warping the wood. 

Failing to seal and reseal your Bradenton deck can result in extensive repairs or even complete deck replacement. Rather than taking on such a large expense, schedule deck coating service with JD Cleaning & Painting.

Waterproofing Your Deck

Deck coatings create a protective surface on the wood to stop water from getting inside and causing damage. There are many different deck coatings to choose from, starting with simple sealants and going all the way to vinyl membranes. 

No matter the type of deck coating chosen, professional application is important. Even simpler products need the right brushes and techniques to avoid lap marks, while the more complex options require specialized tools and multiple steps to get right.

Deck Waterproofing Bradenton Florida

Signs You Need Deck Coating

If you have a deck, coatings are essential. This means if you have never had any applied, now is the time. The trickier part is knowing when reapplication is needed. On average, this should be done every two to three years, usually at the same time as restaining. However, there are signs that might indicate you need Bradenton deck coating sooner. These include:

Water Stain Deck Coating Bradenton Florida

Water stains

Rusty Hardware Deck Coating Bradenton Florida

Rusty hardware

Loose woods Deck Coating Bradenton Florida

Loose pieces of wood

Soft Spot Deck Coating Bradenton Florida

Soft spots

Cracking Deck Coating Bradenton Florida


Peeling Deck Coating Bradenton Florida


Deck Coating FAQs

This will depend on how well it was applied and if the correct coating was used. When we apply deck coatings, we tailor them to the type of wood in your deck. In most cases, our waterproofing lasts three years. 

Yes, though you might want to give it about two months before you do. We can assess the needs of your deck to determine how soon you should have it waterproofed.

Let’s put it this way: can and should are two different things. Most deck coatings can be applied by pretty much anyone; it’s just the results may not look so nice. However, there are some coatings that cannot be applied by anyone without professional tools. In any case, it’s better to turn it over to the experts. 

Deck Coating Bradenton Florida